I need to know the real price that my product will have with the import expenses in order to sell it. How can I calculate it?

When a quote is prepared, BrokerMx gives you the price EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. placed in your warehouse, including tariffs, inland transport and customs clearance. Alternatives and free days for delays and warehousing. This will help you to visualize the real cost. At the end of your import/export we elaborate your expense account with all the evidence of the real costs. You should always consider a variable margin but it cannot be higher than a certain percentage, if your cargo is well documented and previously reviewed.

What tariffs and documents will my product need to be marketed in Mexico?

Each product has its own code and tariff. Regarding the documents, according to the type of merchandise, they will be determined prior to import and shipment to avoid delays, possible fines or detention of the merchandise upon entry to Mexican soil, but beforehand, what is required are: invoices, packing list, relevant certificates of origin and letters that will be presented during the customs clearance of your goods. We have all this information in advance.

How advisable is it to shop remotely?

It is safe, as long as you know your supplier’s history. We can help you with this. It is important to request a sample from your supplier before any purchase. With this you must validate that it is the same material and agreed conditions of the product quality. This sample is also useful to determine the tariff code and to know the non-tariff regulations, although this is optional.

What is the risk of damage to the goods during transport?

The risk of damage to the goods during transport is minimal. In any case, it is advisable to insure the goods beforehand.

How do I transport the goods to my warehouse?

BrokerMx can advise you and transport the cargo to where you indicate us that you require it, either port, point of sale or in your warehouse. The transportation can be by air, sea or land. Depending on the volume, delivery commitment and other variables that you can help us to know to determine the best option.

Who manages and carries out customs formalities?

Customs formalities is a complete step. That’s why BrokerMx collaborates with agents in different parts of the world and with customs in the main ports in Mexico and with a customs agent at home; reviewing every detail required to expedite the procedures upon arrival of the cargo. 

Why did my previous supplier quote me for integrated services and charge me more import charges?

When we study importing a product, there are additional costs that are very important to consider because they have an impact on the final price you pay; these are tariffs, merchandise insurance, additional maneuvers in case of customs recognition and additional transportation costs, such as container cleaning or others. You should always ask your supplier prior to importation about the additional and/or optional costs. Another aspect that we observe are the free days granted by ocean freight providers that are very short for more complex projects, this because in some cases the ocean freight prices may be economical, but they do not give you all the benefits and in the end if you add the amount paid for the freight vs. the payment of delays for not delivering the container on time, there is really no savings at all.

Can I hire only the ocean freight or customs clearance service?

The services we offer are independent of each other, although we always seek to coordinate the entire chain for best results. However, if what you require is only the sea, land or air freight, customs clearance or an audit of your current suppliers, we can do it. You will still get the benefits of a timely service.

Sometimes the trust with your current suppliers makes you forget about rates, but consider evaluating your operations to be confident that over time the rate remains fair and the same service t you already know.

Are all Mexican ports the same, costs, times and service?

Our experience tells us that definitely not. Depending on the season, some of them become saturated and it is important to avoid wasting time, review the requirements and port opportunities. It is also important to consider that some origins have no other option than the arrival of a vessel at the same port on a daily basis. So improving times is sometimes only a matter of order of the service providers. In other cases, it is possible to improve rates and times. This depends on your operations and sourcing.

We reach all Mexican ports and we go to any port in the world, as well.

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